The Weirdest Clouds formation You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Purple sky during thunderstorm

In this post, we take a look at some amazing photographs of the weirdest cloud formations that you’ll ever see, that are destined to inspire your design work and surely blow your mind.

Lenticular clouds over Hawaii
Lenticular clouds over Hawaii. A stationary lens-shaped clouds that form in the troposphere, normally in perpendicular alignment to the wind. Photo by: Jolly Sailor

Beautiful red clouds over long reef, Australia
Beautiful red clouds over long reef, Australia. Photo by: Glenn Crouch

Above the clouds, seen from airplane above Switzerland
Above the clouds, seen from airplane above Switzerland. Photo by: Edgar Moskopp

Aurora Borealis behind clouds, Iceland
Aurora Borealis behind clouds, Iceland. Photo by: Friðþjófur M

Incredible supercell thunderstorm, Montana
Incredible supercell thunderstorm, Montana. Photo by: Antony Spencer

Unbelievable supercell storm cloud
Unbelievable supercell storm cloud over neighborhood. Photo by: Pat Kavanagh

Lenticular cloud
Lenticular cloud and for people who live around certain mountains. Photo by: Thompson

kelvin-helmholtz wave cloud.
Also known as a kelvin-helmholtz wave cloud.

Scary Cloud formations: Mothership & Supercell Extreme Weather

roll clouds look ominous
Roll cloud

Source: Borredady