10 Really Amazing photos. See these Breathtaking Natural Phenomena

Ten truly one of the remarkable pictures you have never seen before. See how nature is beautiful, amazing and phenomenal! Earth, our mother has many faces. Check out these more phenomenal!

"Scorched earth" by Daniel Conway (digital art).

Moon Halo
Moon Halo over Kvæfjord, Norway. Photographer Steve Nilsen

Brocken mountains

Brocken Mountains by Alexandre Buisse

trees, lightning and green water
Graveyard of trees: The milky green water is a natural phenomenon caused by electromagnetic activity from the lightning hitting the water’s surface surrounding dead trees.
Photo credit: Julie Fletcher

Smoking volcano Popo

Smoking volcano Popo ! by Carlos Rojas

Natures power of storn in the Prairies
Natures power of storn in the Prairies by Kevin Pepper

Amazing Aurora Borealis
Amazing Aurora Borealis by John Chumack

Sunset Moon
Sunset Moon by Stensaas Images

AI-Petry. Night, Full Moon
AI-Petry. Night, Full Moon by Denis Belitsky

A starry night of Iceland
A starry night of Iceland by Stephane Vetter