10 Crazy Weather Phenomena on Earth: VIDEO and Photos Gallery

Sun Halo

Spectacular Sun Halo in Austrian Alps by Kalle Centergren via Gizmodo

Crazy Weather Phenomena on Earth
Ring around the Sun, Mammatus clouds, Scary thunderstorm, Close lightning strike, Volcanic ash cloud with lightning, Deadly tornado, Huge fog bank rolling, Hot fire tornado, Stunning Aurora Borealis , Crazy dust devil, Incredible lightning slow motion, Devastating tornado

mammatus clouds bubble
Extremely well developed mammatus clouds bubble downward from the anvil of an approaching severe thunderstorm in northwestern Oklahoma in June. Copyright Gene Rhoden/Weatherpix

Thunderstorm, lightning show
Thunderstorm, lightning show over Melbourne City from Blitz

lightning bolt strikes close up
A lightning bolt strikes somewhere in East Brisbane during fierce storms that swept across 
SE Qld by  Asser Samak from ABC

Ash clouds, volcano eruptio "Etna"
Ash clouds, volcano eruptio "Etna" from Integrateisgreat

Tornado, deadly events
Storm chaser Brian Morganti enjoys epic day with 14 tornadoes in one hour.

Fog Rolling
Fog Rolling into Bahia San Carlos 

fire tornado
Fire tornado by Chris Tangey

aurora borealis
Aurora Borealis Credit: Crey – CC BY 2.0

dust devil
The dust devil swirls through a public park (Newsflare)