Amazing and spectacular lightning show

spectacular lightning show along with heavy rain, high winds and one tornado

Amazing and spectacular lightning show, produced by unusual atmospheric phenomena. Extreme weather is the perfect time to take such extraordinary photos.

Monday night’s storms produced a spectacular lightning show along with heavy rain, high winds and one tornado near House Springs. A blogger named Blake sent this picture to FOX 2 meteorologist Chris Higgins. He says this image is made of three 30 second exposures. The pictures are layered over each other in Photoshop. A filter is applied so all the lightning bolts show through.
It’s basically a capture of 90 seconds worth of lightning strikes. The star bursts on the lights happen naturally with the lens he uses.
This image was shot by Blake Near Troy, MO.

Lightning show, supercell storm thunderstorm
Lightning show over Melbourne
An amazing lightning display over Melbourne a few weeks ago allowed me to get out and shoot my first lightning shots. It was a great night even though I was get abused via txt message by both my girlfriend and mother telling me to ‘stop being an idiot and get out of the lightning’. In hind site standing under a storm with 3 carbon rods probably isn’t the best idea. The things we do!
by Troy Witte

A severe thunderstorm sparked, lightning show
A severe thunderstorm sparked the imagination of Kotsiopoulos, 39. On Ikaria island, he set his camera on a tripod and took repeated 20-second exposures, then combined 70 of them into a single frame. "After 83 minutes," he says, "I ended up with this wall of lightning!"
Photograph by Chris Kotsiopoulos
From "Top Shots," National Geographic, April 2012

The lightning show from last nights storm, thunderstorm
The lightning show from last nights storm over Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. 06/17/2015
by Larry Marr

Double thunder, lightning strike
Double thunder, lightning strike over Mexico City by Cafe Roma