Dreamlike Moon of the last two days

Moon Dogs And Lunar Halo.
As I glanced out my window to check on the moonrise I was treated to this spectacular sight. The atmospheric optics continued for several hours, but they where most pronounced early on. I was fortunate to have a camera on hand. by Allen Lefever on October 7, 2014 Whitewater, Colorado, USA

Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014
Lunar Eclipse by Richard Sears on October 8, 2014 Atwater, California, USA

Lunar Eclipse Over Pacific October 8, 2014
Lunar Eclipse Over Pacific by Yuri Beletsky on October 8, 2014 Santiago, Chile

Uranus And Eclipsed Moon on October 8, 2014
Uranus And Eclipsed Moon by Charles Coburn on October 8, 2014 At the Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory in Placerville CA 

Lunar Eclipse on October 8, 2014 Florida GIF
Lunar Eclipse by jghops on October 8, 2014 Florida

Lunar Eclipse And Aurora Austalis October 8, 2014
by Ian Griffin on October 8, 2014 During the Lunar Eclipse of 8th October there was a short-lived display of the Aurora Austalis. I managed to get a picture showing eclipsed moon, setting Milky Way and the aurora!

Total Lunar Eclipse
My first ever Total Lunar Eclipse in CA, US. It was happening during my visit here. Was very beautiful view. It was lovely to see how Moon emerged into Earths shadow.
This is composite of two pictures that I snapped in the early morning today during the total lunar eclipse at Henry Coe State Park. by Veerayen

starry sky before becoming the total lunar eclipse October 8, 2014
Lunar Eclipse by Kouji Ohnishi on October 8, 2014 Landscape of the starry sky before becoming the total lunar eclipse. And, iridescent clouds of lunar eclipse just before the end,